How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Losing Your Soul

This is the book that birthed Dr. Baehr’s internationally acclaimed Master-Class on filmmaking, offering not only how-to’s on scriptwriting, production, and deal-making, but also the spiritual side of making a movie.



"Redeem the media and we can redeem culture. Ted’s book How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul) encourages young filmmakers to help reconstruct the value system that the Woodstock generation have so skillfully undermined."

- John Ratzenberger, voice in Pixar movies and star of Cheers

"Ted Baehr is a delightful man―and he is a delightful writer. Nobody could be better qualified to write this particular book."

- Pat Boone, singer and entertainer

How to Succeed gives the reader the tools and mindset that are required to create compelling movies that are filled with faith. Written for all those involved in the process of moviemaking:


This book is over 500 pages and is a vital resource to discover the entire moviemaking process from start to finish. However, this is much more than a how-to on moviemaking. This book delves into what makes a movie redemptive, how to depict a biblical worldview in your movie, and how to navigate the often-precarious business side of show business.

“My parents both were actors on the stage and screen, so I have learned not only how to succeed, but also how not to lose your soul in the process. I pray that this book will be the resource that will ignite your creativity.”

- Author, Dr. Ted Baehr