Faith in God and Generals

Co-authored with Susan Wales, Faith in God and Generals is a well-researched, beautifully-crafted anthology of the men and women of the Civil War. The contributors are historians, Civil War scholars, Civil War biographers and novelists, and relatives of Civil War soldiers.



"What is often spoon-fed to our generation is an oversimplified, one-dimensional view of the conflict. But the war was much more complex and paradoxical than is being taught to society."

- Ron Maxwell, director of the movie, "Gods and Generals"

Personal diaries, heartfelt letters, quotes, and primary research come together to paint the lives and faith of these men and women who served on both sides of this tragic War. The well-known and not-so-well-known were more than battlefield or home front footnotes. On both sides of the conflict, the faith of these were tested and refined by fire.

The book is over 188 pages of insights into the hearts and minds of the common and extraordinary people whose lives were tossed together by a nation breaking apart.
Faith in God and Generals measures 10 x 8 inches and is not only an in-depth tool to study, but also an attractive coffee table book to display.

Profiled Men and Women:

Adelbert Ames
Sullivan Ballou
Mary Barkins
Clara Barton
Harriet Ward Beecher
Mary Boykin
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Fanny Chamberlain
Mary Chestnut
Jefferson Davis
Winfield Scott Hancock
Daniel Harvey Hill
George Job Huntley
Samuel Kosciuszko
Stonewall Jackson
Dr. George Junkin
Mary Custis Lee
Robert E. Lee
Abraham Lincoln
Marsena Rudolph Patrick
William Nelson Pendleton
James Brewerton Ricketts
J.E.B. Stuart
Harriet Tubman
John Wilkes-Booth

“Testimonies of how God works in our lives are often more powerful when faith survives desperately trying times. Faith in God and Generals is for every student of history and for everyone who needs encouragement to persevere.”

- Author, Dr. Ted Baehr